Meet our 2012 winning apps!

We’re about to send out details of the final demo and prize ceremony for September 27th where our wonderful teams will show of their finished or working projects and we can celebrate these awesome collaborations. We’ll post links and videos of the apps after this event, but for now these are the winning apps from the hackathon along with what they each receive upon launch/MVP.

Grand prize plus Community Engagement Bonus: OpenBudget ($1500+ Socrata support package)

A web app for visualizing and interacting with city budgets.

Second prize:  ($1000)

A website that helps diners find restaurants that have positive health inspection reports and avoid places with poor health conditions.


Code Reuse and Neighborland Bonus: Early Alameda ($750)

A website and app that allows families to find services for their young children and infants.


Educational and Neighborland Bonus: Hack Rack ($750)

A web resource to help developers connect to projects

Public Data: Edible Fruit (500) 

EdibleFruit is a web app designed to help locate neighborhood fruit trees using public records to help residents to identify public trees that can be harvested freely in season.


Multiple ChannelsTopcop ($250)

A multi platform app to allow residents to rate their interactions with police officerss

Code for Oakland Participants See Program Expand in Light of Successes

This year’s winners of the Youth prize came from the Mosswood Recreation Center. As a result of this prize, among other success, their City of Oakland program will expand with more after-school technology and computer science classes. Dan Finlay is seeking talented instructors to join their team “with the goal of reducing drop-out rates, and increasing college acceptance and scholarship rates.” He explains:

For about the last year, I’ve been teaching computer classes for the City of Oakland.  I started with basic game-programming using Scratch to 7-12 year olds, then moved up to teaching more advanced Flash game design using Stencyl to 10-13 year olds,  and my programs were so popular and effective, I was brought under a new grant to teach more useful life-skills to “at risk of dropping out” high schoolers, and we’ve had a great summer learning HTML, CSS, and some Javascript and jQuery for the more advanced students.

If you or anyone you know might be a good fit for teaching tech-related skills in an after-school program starting in January, send them over to this blog post, where Dan covers all the nitty-gritty details:

An Opportunity For You?
I’m looking for computer-savvy and talented instructors for a variety of subjects that could potentially be taught as soon as January 1, 2013.  These positions would hypothetically be paid between $18-$20/hr, for a few hours per class, each weekly.  I’m currently interested in a wide variety of topics, but am also open to arguments in favor of certain core topics being taught over others.

Code for Oakland 2012: “Most diverse hackathon ever”

As one of the founders of Code for Oakland, and a member of the committee that planned the event that just happened on July 21st, seeing posts like this one: “Code For Oakland: The Most Diverse Hackathon Ever” | Mitchell Kapor Foundation Weblog  and this one: Code For Oakland: The Most Diverse Hackathon Ever - Forbes me happy beyond measure.
I moved to Oakland in 2008, after a short start-up stint in Boulder and many years in Silicon Valley, and immediately started to wonder where the tech community was, how we could build more tech community and why a city like Oakland with good infrastructure and cheap commercial real estate didn’t have more of a start-up scene.
Fast forward 4 years and we’ve got alot more traction on all these issues—but we need to keep hammering on diversity and opportunity for everyone—and not re-create the old school view of what an entrepreneur, programmer, coder, or product developer is (and you probably know exactly what I am talking about.)
So we’re looking for ways to keep Code for Oakland going, and expand and build on it and get more partners and supporters. We’re also sharing our process with people from other cities who have made inquiries—if you’d like to do a civic hackathon a la CFO in your city—let us know.
Some photos from the event here:

Code for Oakland Storify Social Media Story

#CodeforOakland 2012

On July 21st Code For Oakland held their second annual citywide hackathon. The theme for this year is "Building the Civic Web" and projects were focused primarily on increasing civic participation focusing on Open Data and economic development to urban foraging.

Storified by Kwan Booth · Sat, Jul 21 2012 15:51:02

Code for Oakland — Building Our Civic Web - One Day Hackathon …3 hours ago … Building Our Civic Web - One Day Hackathon - Sat July 21, 2012.
This way to #codeforoaklandboothism
Everyone should go! #Oakland RT @ryanj: The #CodeForOakland schedule for today - come join us! J2EE Developers
Hackers, photogs, students, community activists, Oakland and Alameda County staff, designers and just plan curious here at #codeforoaklandAngela Woodall
Amazing scene at #codeforoakland community hackathon. Everyone joined a hack team or discussion group. #innovate #OAK
Yes you can haz #codeforoakland tshirtsboothism
Packed house for #codeforoakland Booth
#codeforoakland So much incredible energy and great ideas at code for Oakland today!City of Oakland
#codeforoakland @codeforamerica opening master of ceremonies MC
#CodeforOakland Keynote @pahlkadot takes the stage @ Kaiser Center
Dear Citizens: "Don’t just lend your voices, lend your hands" -@pahlkadot #CodeForOakland #fbKrys
@codeforamerica showing the power of code - citizen connect & adopt a hydrant #codeforoaklandRomy Ilano
#codeforoakland isn’t just a #hackathon its a platform for citizens- Jen Palhka from @codeforamerica #codeforoaklandKwan Booth
"We have citizen journalists. We have citizen scientists. Where are the citizen citizens?" @pahlkadot #codeforoakland "Here in this room.."Tim O’Reilly
@codeforamerica shows how coding empowered smart people to connect citizens with the Honolulu government! Here citizens adopted sirens #codeforoaklandRomy Ilano
@thesteve0 talking about Openshift. #codeforoakland Booth
RedHat’s OpenShift: an open source equivalent to Heroku. Free accounts/upgrades for those hacking at #codeforoaklandTim O’Reilly
"if you have one person you have someone with a pet peeve. If you have 10, you have a movement." #codeforoaklandAngela Woodall
Go to & for #codeforoakland data sets todayVictoria Bogdan
Want to learn more about #ForageCity well we’ll be presenting soon at #CodeForOaklandYR Mobile Action Lab
Keep an eye on the $500 prize for app reuse at #codeforoaklandjack madans
Here’s the Google Moderator page for the #codeforoakland hackathon idea pitches Lots of great ideas!Tim O’Reilly
Pitches #codeforoakland
If you want to use some local Oakland data check out the @codeforamerica brigade project at #codeforoaklandEddie A Tejeda
Shawn Mcdougal from community democracy project talking about community involvement in city gov. #codeforoaklandboothism
at #codeforoakland, pitched "waywalking" mobile app to help pedestrians signal walk signs, cars, each other McCormick
Loving all the great ideas for improving our community! #codeforoaklandEddy Merino
@ReginaldJames #pimpmybustop awesome idea #codeforoaklandKrea Gomez
How can we use technology and social tools to make cities more independent and self sustaining? Hyper-locality in action. #codeforoaklandThaddeus Howze
Hacking starts with the furniture #codeforoakland
Impressed with how @spjika is managing/organizing flow of #codeforoakland. Great use of Google Moderator to drive in-person group formingTim O’Reilly
#codeforoakland a few ideas on the board… #civichack @codeforoakland Bogdan
Aaaand they’re off! #codeforoakland is officially started. Groups are formed & hacking will begin soon.Kwan Booth
Getting a team of youth ready for #codeforoakland. #technology is NOT RESTRICTED BY AGE. An @ Kaiser Center Booth
An Oakland wiki, urban gardening, PimpMyBusStop, an SMS CopWatch app, and many more great ideas. This should be fun! #codeforoaklandryan
Hey #CodeForOakland, we’re working on the Bike Pump Share idea and could use a designer of some sort, find us next to the Youth Radio table!Adam Jacob Becker
Loving the idea of #codeforoakland. Would love to know how to get involved! #Oakland #communitywrki
Will there b opportunities beyond #codeforoakland event to help build apps for #Oakland, esp for those who couldn’t make it? @spjikaJohn C. Osborn
What is the plan for consolidating these program ideas, organizing them, structuring them and supporting their development? #codeforoaklandThaddeus Howze
‘I want on Oakland.’ #codeforoakland
Hacking the Oakland Budget at #codeforoakland. Codes will be coded.Tom Fite
Breakout sessions #codeforoakland
Delicious nectarines from Mandela marketplace in the #foragecity scavenger hunt. Thanks @yrapplab! #codeforoaklandTeresa Chin
Teachers at #codeforoakland @ Kaiser Center
Hacking education at #codeforoakland with students from Oakland tech @ Kaiser Center
#tech #diversity at #codeforoaklandboothism
@localwiki workshop about our @oaklandwiki #codeforoakland A Tejeda
Working with young people at #codeforoakland #tech #diversityboothism
there are at least 4 talented developers helping 3 high school kids out at #codeforoakland - the passion is in #oaklandromyilano
Experienced developers help Oakland high kids build their own learning web app #codeforoaklandRomy Ilano
RT @romyilano: San Jose should copy all the cool open gov stuff at #codeforoakland - we have tons of smart techies!Eddie A Tejeda
it’d be cool to see education hackathons for east #sanjose kids! #codeforoakland kids are building their own learning web apps todayromyilano
RT @ryanj: "hack the city budget" at #codeForOakland sounds like a major step in the right direction #transparency #opengov Bogdan
Walking tour, job, heritage, history, service, art directories… Starting points for @oaklandwiki being hashed out #codeforoaklandVictoria Bogdan
Feeling the city of Oakland love from Libby Schaaf, Deanna Santanna and @jeanquan @codeforoaklandAnca Mosoiu
#codeforoakland two hours til demo time. I’m super impressed so far with how far teams have come in a few hours! Bogdan
This is the fastest hackathon I’ve ever attended. Deadline is creeping up! #codeforoaklandAdrian
Great stuff being dreamed up at CodeforOakland turner
Helping someone scrape data off a terrible website. If they had used @Socrata, this wouldn’t have happened! #opendata #api #codeforoaklandClint Tseng

Code For Oakland Live Updates

Meet our Judging Panel!

Our judges for the 2012 hackathon are now finalized:

Dan Turner: UCB Information Managment School
Alfonso Dominguez: Popuphood creator
Kiran Jain: City of Oakland Attorney’s Office
Libby Schaaf: Oakland City Council Member
Jason Young: Mindblown Lans and lead on the Hidden Genius project

Teams at this hackathon will be building native mobile apps, mobile web apps, or other mobile services that will be either fully or partially functional…

Teams should be able to show enough to demonstrate their full vision, and how they intend to implement it technologically. Incomplete parts of projects may be represented by wireframes or other plan documents.

The goal of this hackathon is to create or begin development of new resources and tools that:

  • Improve civic engagement
  • Improve digital education and literacy
  • Support, sustain and help to attract small businesses in Oakland
  • Support economic development in Oakland

Apps or tools that hit on at least one of these areas will receive bonus points!

How can we support the winning apps?

As part of our prize package for the winning app on the day, we are offering not only a $1,000 cash prize but an amazing support package to help the team complete the app, develop a business plan, marketing strategy and to help prepare the product for a full launch! We feel this is a great way to help ensure that the great ideas and efforts can really have a strong, lasting impact and hopefully spawn a new start-up truly Made In Oakland!

Socrata will help you transform your application into the foundation for an effective and successful company. If applicable, your application could be featured on our website, in our newsletters and in future webinars. We’ll also be providing valuable consultative opportunities with three key members of the Socrata team:

 Business Strategy

Opportunity to get real-world civic startup coaching from Kevin Merritt, Socrata’s Founder & CEO. Coaching will include feedback on business strategy, building a team and bootstrapping and financing your civic venture.

Total time with Kevin: 2 hours


Opportunity to meet with Saf Rabah, Socrata’s VP of Marketing and receive real-world coaching on go-to-market strategy. Coaching will include identifying market segments, creating a messaging platform, and executing a campaign strategy.

Total time with Saf: 4 hours

Product Development

Meet with Socrata’s Director of Product Development and Developer Evangelist, Chris Metcalf, to review all technical aspects of your application. Chris will discuss ideas for optimizing and building upon your application, and help you establish a product roadmap.

Total time with Chris: 2 hours

Volunteer at Code for Oakland

If you’re not sure what you want to hack on on Saturday, but want to participate in the community, we are looking for volunteers.

Sign up here

We need logistical help with setup, cleanup, getting lunch, and so forth, as well as mentoring from experienced participants.  Mentoring can be about technical details, data knowledge, community participation, and more.

You can volunteer for as much or as little time as you want.  It’s a great way to participate if you can’t hang out the whole day!

Sign up here

Sign up now! Limited ticket sales available on Saturday for $20

New Data available from Alameda County

Alameda County has released it’s new OpenData platform in beta version in advance for our CodeforOakland hackathon on the 21st!


This is the first time a county in California has published an OpenData catalog- since San Francisco pioneered this idea! It provides a number of selected datasets that hopefully are of interest to our hackathon attendees!

This initial release is a preview essentially, layout changes and more data are on the way. It’s a Socrata based platform- one of our event sponsors! In addition to a cash prize for our winning app team, Socrata are offering a great package of business support to help bring the winning app all the way to market!

The most interesting new data being released from my perspective are the:

We’re looking forward to what local developers, analyst and researchers can start to create and learn with this new wealth of data! There will be more juicy data released by urban Strategies Council and hopefully the City of Oakland for the event also!