Meet our Judging Panel!

Our judges for the 2012 hackathon are now finalized:

Dan Turner: UCB Information Managment School
Alfonso Dominguez: Popuphood creator
Kiran Jain: City of Oakland Attorney’s Office
Libby Schaaf: Oakland City Council Member
Jason Young: Mindblown Lans and lead on the Hidden Genius project

Teams at this hackathon will be building native mobile apps, mobile web apps, or other mobile services that will be either fully or partially functional…

Teams should be able to show enough to demonstrate their full vision, and how they intend to implement it technologically. Incomplete parts of projects may be represented by wireframes or other plan documents.

The goal of this hackathon is to create or begin development of new resources and tools that:

  • Improve civic engagement
  • Improve digital education and literacy
  • Support, sustain and help to attract small businesses in Oakland
  • Support economic development in Oakland

Apps or tools that hit on at least one of these areas will receive bonus points!