Data Sets

2012 Code for Oakland Hackathon DATA Resources.

This year things are much simpler- and much better for you data junkies out there. We have just two primary places for all the data we know of:

The new Socrata based Alameda County Data Sharing platform:


OpenOakland’s new data catalog built on CKAN:

Both are heavily in beta but both have a huge trove of powerful (and new) data to work with!




2011 Data Resources

Get your hands on data provided by the City of Oakland, Stamen Design, Urban Strategies Council, Alameda County, and more.

Please send links for additional data sets to [email protected]



Download Official Data from the City of Oakland Website

Data gathered by Nicole Neditch.

File Name Description Size Format
Assessor Parcel Data AssessorData 40,289 KB MS Excel CSV
CDBG Districts CDBG Districts 21 KB Zipped File
CIP Locations Capital Improvements Locations 37 KB MS Excel CSV
CIP Locations (not Single Address) Capital Improvements Locations (not Single Address) 42 KB MS Excel CSV
Council Districts Council Districts 119 KB Zipped File
CPRB Complaints Citizens Complaints 37 KB MS Excel CSV
CPRB Sustained Allegations Sustained Allegations 3 KB MS Excel CSV
Crime Watch Tabular Data Sustained Allegations 1,757,696 KB MS Excel
Drainage Inlets PWA Drainage Inlets 290 KB MS Excel CSV
Even Start Even Start 1 KB MS Excel CSV
Fleet Vehicles PWA Fleet Vehicles 289 KB MS Excel
Food Distribution Sites Food Distribution Sites 2 KB MS Excel CSV
Head Start Locations Head Start 1 KB MS Excel CSV
Library Branches Library Branches 2 KB MS Excel CSV
Oakland Parks Parks 7 KB MS Excel CSV
Oakland Opportunity Sites C9 Oakland Opportunity Sites 99 KB Zipped File
Pools City Swimming Pools 1 KB MS Excel CSV
Post Offices Oakland Post Offices 1 KB MS Excel CSV
RecyclingHotline PWA Recycling Hotline 303KB MS Excel
Sage Programs Senior Programs 238KB MS Excel CSV
Schools Oakland Unified Schools 12 KB MS Excel CSV
Service Request PWA Service Request 2010 4,101 KB MS Excel
Senior Centers Senior Centers 1 KB MS Excel CSV
Stars Programs Youth Programs 363KB MS Excel CSV
Street lights Street Lights 851KB MS Excel CSV
Street Litter Containers Street Litter Containers 26KB MS Excel CSV
Traffic Signals Traffic Signals 13KB MS Excel CSV
Trees Trees 2,375KB MS Excel CSV

Official city data web page

Oakland Data Sets, Part 1


Data gathered by Michal Migurski in preparation for Code For Oakland, June 4 2011 in Oakland, California.

Streets: all street centerlines.

OpenStreetMap: all points, lines, and polygons for Alameda County.

Crime Reports: all crime reports from January 2010 through May 22 2011, via Oakland Crimespotting.

  • Text (1.9M zipped)

Parcels: tax parcel footprints.

EBMUD Meters: utility meter locations with addresses.

Streams: centerlines of streams.

Elevations: Raster digital elevation models for Alameda County.

Census 2010:



Census 2000::


  • Shapefile (56K zipped, geographic)
  • Shapefile (64K zipped, state plane III)
  • GeoJSON (37K zipped)
  • Text (16K zipped, with population and housing counts)


  • Text (395K zipped, with population and housing counts)

Historic Imagery:

Oakland Data Sets, Part 2

Data gathered by Steve Spiker and John Garvey, Urban Strategies Council) as part of Info Alameda Data Portal


Oakland Crime Reports API

Service Provider API (Reentry Focus)

Administrative Boundary Data Portal

Other Oakland Data Sets

Additional Oakland data, gathered by Susan Mernit, Oakland Local.

Alameda County Data

Data gathered by Steve Spiker and John Garvey, Urban Strategies Council

Census Alameda County:


Environment: Alameda County Toxic Hazard Sites


Local programs:


Parcels: Alameda County GIS data, mostly parcels and housing (MM)



Metropolitan Transportation Commission: Bay Area transit data, including transit routes and stops. (MM)

Google wiki: Transit data feed

Bike accident data, Bay Area counties: From the California Highway Patrol. Five years (Jan 2005-Dec 2009). Supplied by the Bay Citizen, which published this Bike Accident Tracker web app collection — and would love some help to make it (or some parts of it) mobile-friendly.

California Dept. of Public Health

CA WIC food lists

Water quality monitoring data

AIDSInfo Drug Database

HIV Testing Resources

UC Berkeley: Geospatial Innovation Facility

Data sets include:


More Oakland Political Data

Gathered by Skye Bender-deMoll