Meet our 2012 winning apps!

We’re about to send out details of the final demo and prize ceremony for September 27th where our wonderful teams will show of their finished or working projects and we can celebrate these awesome collaborations. We’ll post links and videos of the apps after this event, but for now these are the winning apps from the hackathon along with what they each receive upon launch/MVP.

Grand prize plus Community Engagement Bonus: OpenBudget ($1500+ Socrata support package)

A web app for visualizing and interacting with city budgets.

Second prize:  ($1000)

A website that helps diners find restaurants that have positive health inspection reports and avoid places with poor health conditions.


Code Reuse and Neighborland Bonus: Early Alameda ($750)

A website and app that allows families to find services for their young children and infants.


Educational and Neighborland Bonus: Hack Rack ($750)

A web resource to help developers connect to projects

Public Data: Edible Fruit (500) 

EdibleFruit is a web app designed to help locate neighborhood fruit trees using public records to help residents to identify public trees that can be harvested freely in season.


Multiple ChannelsTopcop ($250)

A multi platform app to allow residents to rate their interactions with police officerss