Volunteer for Code for Oakland 2012-Come to a mixer, May 29 & learn more

Are you a programmer, coder, mobile developer, engineer, product manage, UI/UX designer, or some other kind of techie? If the answer is yes, and you’d like to get involved in this year’s Code for Oakland, the Oakland and East Bay-focused  hackathon scheduled for July 21st right here in Oakland at the Kaiser Center near the lake, please come to the first Volunteer Mixer where you can meet and join the core Code for Oakland team and help make something really cool happen.

We’re looking for volunteers for the following teams:

Data catalog: Help pull together date developers can use to build apps for Oakland. We’re working with both local state, city, and county data and national data sets that have local value.
Team leads: Steve Spiker, Urban Strategies, Nicole Neditch, City of Oakland

Logistics and day of: Who, what, when, where, wires and wireless-this critical team makes sure we have a space, volunteers to check people in, food, drinks and a nice after party-and maybe some cool t-shirts? If you’re good at getting things done, we could use your help.
Team Lead: Anca Mosoiu

Marketing and promotion: We want everyone to know about the Hackday and the programs we’re putting on July 21st, so folks with skills in marketing, social media promotion and event management are needed.
Team lead: Krys Freeman

Outreach & Community: The focus may be tech, but the problems we want to solve are those many in Oakland experience. Help plan and present some listening sessions and events that empower community members to share ideas for apps to build.
Team leads: Paul Richardson, Matt Senate

Programming: What’s on the agenda day of? Who are the judges, speakers, presenters as we kick off our hack day-and what’s the format for those who wish to attend to learn, not to code? Help plan a great program.
Team lead: Susan Mernit

Sponsorships: Want to help make sure this event-and the prizes for developers who build products-gets funded? Join the Sponsorship team to help make the costs balance out.
Team lead: Deb Acosta

Sustainability: How do we make sure we USE what our hack teams build-and how do we help these teams finish what they start? This is a critical question-and one we hope everyone who works on Code for Oakland and has an interest can help address-just let us know you’d like to be involved.

We have about 2 months till the event. We’ll be meeting every two weeks for an hour in the evening, and working virtually through tools like Google Docs, Basecamp and possibly a wiki to coordinate.

If you’d like to participate, RSVP to our invite and come to our Volunteer Mixer at TechLiminal to sign up for a team to work with.

The deets

SIGN UP AND LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3634559064
May 29, Tech Liminal, 6-8 PM
268 14 Street, Oakland, CA 94612


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    i missed the mixer. is there another way to get involved?