Hackthon teams formed! What we’re working on

These project ideas came up in the welcome session for Code for Oakland today, and teams will be working on developing them today. Team leader name is listed after each idea.

See the list…

  1. Nearest, low-cost money transfer service location: Jose
  2. Social services by type and location: Max
  3. 311 service: Citizen feedback on local issues, solicit ideas (sidewalks, etc.), neighborhood cleanup/crime/code enforcement: Robbie
  4. Gunshot followup: Russ
  5. Connect kids to afterschool programs/activities: Jed
  6. Teen entrepreneurs: connect to internship opportunities/mentors: Dan
  7. Transit something: Mapping services & jobs by bus stop/route, transit arrival time: David
  8. Group texting for schools, etc.: Tim
  9. Oakland food map: Understanding your local “foodshed,” food access: Ruth
  10. Freecycle SMS listing: Michelle
  11. Citizen/public engagement tools: Ryan
  12. Friend of a parolee app/services: Elise

Cutting room floor: Ideas that were raised, but no teams formed around them. But these might be raised during unconference sessions, or be useful/inspirational to other people:

  1. Tax help locations (via text-messaging service)
  2. Locations that accept food stamps
  3. Planned Parenthood & other reproductive/sexual health services
  4. Tool lending library database
  5. DUI safe ride
  6. Small group conflict resolution
  7. Casual labor availability
  8. Connect volunteers w/ street trees
  9. BART/transit arrival times
  10. Neighborhood phone tree (711)
  11. Community garden seed exchange
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