More Ideas From the Community

Here are some notes from the Community Listening Session on Friday, June 3.  Thanks to Cynthia Mackey for collecting the notes!

Here’s the list…

Oakland is:

  • Cross-generational
  • Diverse in culture, population, gender, language
  • Hub of creativity
  • Innovators in social and community
  • Leader in green, sustainability and recycling


Who to Serve

  • Elderly
  • Youth
  • Reentry population
  • Disabled
  • Disadvantaged communities
  • Foster children



  • Fear (dispel fear of technology)
  • Use more of the prevalent communications in Oakland (includes communication channels)
  • Access to training/education
  • Expense
  • Perception of new value to the individual
  • Proprietary data


Ideas for apps

Apps to help people do things

  • Auto-complete questions/make suggestions (similar to when Google provides suggestions as you type in Search)
  • (Google-like) app about what is happening in the area
  • Form app (answer questions that auto-populate a form vs. filling out fields)

Apps to help people find things

  • Community Yelp (focused on resources, services, etc. to benefit community)
  • Oakland wiki-tour (individuals comment/audio files on places and activities in Oakland associated with a location)

Apps that provide information/resources

  • Apps that visualize data so all languages/cultures can understand (e.g., census data, transit data)
  • Casual carpool app showing pickup/dropoff locations for casual carpooling
  • 2-way education
  • Pen pal app to connect a knowledgeable person with a newbie
  • Public works app
  • Data collection apps (e.g., Invasive species, etc.)
  • Integrate Oakland “historians” (those who know a lot about Oakland) to the newer population of Oakland

Apps geared toward youth

  • A way to connect entrepreneur mentors with youth/others interested in becoming entrepreneur
  • App directed toward girls to get them interested in science/tech and is inclusive of different races/cultures
  • “How to” info for younger generation or those who never gained basic life skills (e.g., how to balance checking account, how to open bank account, how to look find a good doctor, etc. )
  • Youth video distribution
  • Casual/ “pick up” puzzle games to help youth embrace science/technology
  • A list identifying the classes you need to complete to be college-ready once you graduate from high school

Apps geared toward disadvantaged community

  • Teach the questions that need to be asked - meet them where they are (this app would be designed to ask questions and, based on responses, provide the right resources/info
  • Ability to connect to a person live that can help
  • Info-tainment – learn info in a fun (visual?) way
  • Integrate Oakland “historians” (those who know a lot about Oakland) to the newer population of Oakland