Code for Oakland: What’s the schedule?

Code for Oakland is a combination unconference/bar camp and a hackathon.  We recognize some people will be there to build apps and compete for stipends and prizes; other will be coming to get ideas, brainstorm, learn about data and perhaps find a team.  We’re structuring the day to accommodate both sets of people. Here’s what the basic schedule is going to look like:

8:30-9: breakfast, sign in-purchase the groovy t-shirts for $10 each
9:00-9:30: Welcome, overview, rules, process, thank yous to sponsors, coordinating team
9:30-10:15: Quick intros/pitches from attendees - putting hack team ideas up on charts (ideas will be numbered, with contact name)
10:15-10:45: Forming teams: Find people to hack with if that’s your prime focus for the day
10:45-11 Break, hackers go off to start coding

Branch conference for folks who are in unconference/brainstorming mode
11-11:15: Finalize unconference session lineup (Data reviews,
technology explanations)
11:15-12:15: unconf session  1
12:15-1:15: lunch for all
1:30-2:30: Unconf session 2

2:30-5pm: Everyone should be prototyping or wireframing their ideas by now
- Concurrently for those who want it:
- 3-4: Unconf session 3

4-4:30 Sign ups to schedule team presentations in auditorium for prizes/stipends competition

5-6pm: presentations

6-6:30: Judges deliberate, attendees debrief

6:30: prizes awarded

6:30-9 PM: Afterparty at Dogwood, 19th & Telegraph Avenue, Oakland