Tap, Tap, Tap! This thing is ON!

Today the Code for Oakland 2012 organizing team met to kick off the planning for the 2012 event.  Tentatively planned for late July, we are hoping to build on the success of last year (one of our teams won a prize from the FCC Apps for Communities contest).   If you’re interested in joining in the planning, comment here and we’ll hook you up.


Keep Going: Code for Oakland Resources are Available

For many of the winners of Code for Oakland, June will be a busy month working on apps.   Apps should be submitted to the Apps4Communities challenge by July 11th.

If you didn’t finish (or start your app) this past weekend, here are some resources that will help you keep going:

Free Hosting through July 11th at Arctic Fox Hosting

Arctic Fox Web HostingArctic Fox Hosting has provided several free hosting accounts for Code for Oakland participants.  If you don’t have a place to host your app, you can do it on a locally-provisioned development environment that runs a LAMP stack and is available immediately.  Contact Mike Gagnon ([email protected]) to get access to this environment.

Hack Nights at Tech Liminal, Every Wednesday at 7:30

Join fellow coders, designers, and hackers on Wednesday evenings to work on your app (or start a new one).  RSVP:  [email protected]

Tech Liminal is located at 268 14th Street (between Harrison and Alice).


Interesting data tidbit from AC Transit

I’m sitting in for a bit with the transit hack team at the Code for Oakland Hackathon. Chris Peeples, director at large from the AC Transit Board of Directors, is offering some deep insight into the history of transit data in & around Oakland.

He said: “All lettered buses go across the Bay. But all lettered buses also are assigned a number in our system, because our old computer system couldn’t handle letters. So the numbers are still in there.”


Chris Peeples from the AC Transit Board at Code for Oakland, June 4, 2011

Hackthon teams formed! What we’re working on

These project ideas came up in the welcome session for Code for Oakland today, and teams will be working on developing them today. Team leader name is listed after each idea.

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